Do you have a few old computers laying around, cluttering up your home or business?  No need for that 19″ big monitor anymore?  Got a broken LCD TV or monitor?  Maybe you’re a school with 10-20 (or more) old desktop computers collecting dust and taking up room that could be used for something else.  Brought equipment down to the town recycling station and they wanted to charge you $20 (or more) per item?  Your town may not allow you to leave items such as these on the curb for pickup either.  You want to be environmentally friendly, so what do you do?

Enter Milford Computer Solutions.

     We are now offering pickup for your old, unused or broken pieces of computer equipment for a small fee (generally, $5/item, but please see our Price List for complete details).  We will come to your home or business (school, etc), pickup your items and bring them to a recycle station for you.  If they are still working, we may even assign them to nonprofit organizations to use (such as schools, churches, charities, etc).


Here is a current list of equipment we will pickup:

  1. Desktop computers (towers, carryable)
  2. Laptop computers
  3. Printers (carryable)
  4. Monitors (up to 30″ CRT monitors, and up to 50″ LCD monitors or TVs)
  5. Keyboards, mice, speakers (up to 4 miscellaneous items such as these count as ONE item when determining fee)
  6. Please call us for anything else

See our Price List by clicking here:  PRICE LIST

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